Tuesday, August 5, 2008

First Fantasy Football Feature of 2008

Hey there,

Johnny Archive here. Yeah, right here. Yes, I'm the same Johnny Archive from MLB.com. So, what I am doing at a foreign blog location?! Well, I'm going to expand my horizons a tad by spending a large amount of time talking about fantasy football during the season of the pigskin, and thus it didn't seem right to remain locked into the MLB site.

Don't worry, I'll bring my same rambling, loose style to my views and comments about fantasy football as I do to fantasy baseball. I'll definitely do my best to keep this blog from being the same ol' stale read you get from some blogs around the virtual world.

What about the podcast? No worries, I'm doing a fantasy football podcast, as well. Just cruise on by BlogTalkRadio.com and search for Johnny Archive or FridayNightFootball. As you probably figured out on your own, this new podcast will air live every Friday Night. Right now, we're going with 11:30PM Eastern time, but that is not set in stone, though the first show is definitely this Friday at 11:30PM Eastern and will be 30 minutes in duration.
One of the main topics of the podcast will certainly be the inaugural 2008 season of the football edition of the Johnny Archive Invitational League or JAIL league. We have assembled a great group of fantasy owners and it should be very competitive and fun league. Just by listening to what goes on within this league, it will make you a better fantasy owner. So, tune in and absorb the knowledge!

So, come on by and check it out. Consider me a living library of Fantasy Sports information just waiting for you to tap into. Library cards not required. :p

Short and sweet to kick things off, but there will be plenty more to come, so come on back ya' hear.
-Johnny Archive

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